Author guidelines & Copyright Notice

JPH is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes two main categories of papers:

- Articles are limited in length to 6000 words (main text) and 6 figures or tables and 70 references maximum. Full papers will be assigned by the Chief Editors to one Associate Editor who will review your manuscript with the help of external reviewers.

- Letters to JPH are short papers (typically 2 print pages) with one or two figures (or table) that report on an original and outstanding finding. The Introduction, Results and Discussion sections should be very focused but the Materials and Methods section should be detailed enough to allow reproducbility and a thorough evaluation of the work. To speed up the review process, Letters to JPH will be review by the Editorial Board of the journal without sending it to external referees.

JPH published also Full-Reviews, Mini-Reviews, Meeting Reports, and Opinion papers. We will also consider any relevant Commentary on papers previously published here or elsewhere.

On the basis of the evaluations provided by the Associate Editors, the Chief Editors of JPH will decide to either accept, ask for a minor or a major revision or reject your manuscript.

Manuscript can be submitted for evaluation as a non-formatted PDF file but we recommend you to use the template files available below. Please number each line in this file.

In the Comment to the Editor box copy your Cover letter where you can list prefered and non-prefered referees.
Copyright to the Authors