Vol. 1 (2014)

Published: 3 February 2016

Table of Contents

The water relations of two tropical rainforest species (Virola surinamensis and Eperua falcata): Is Virola unusual as previously reported?

Têtè Sévérien Barigah, Gilbert Aussenac, Christopher Baraloto, Damien Bonal, Hervé Cochard, André Granier, Jean-Marc Guehl, Roland Huc, Mari A. Sobrado, Melvin T. Tyree

Soil water deficit decreases xylem conductance efficiency relative to leaf area and mass in the apple

Pierre-Éric Lauri, Antoine Marceron, Frédéric Normand, Anaëlle Dambreville, Jean-Luc Regnard

Dynamics of cavitation in a Douglas-fir tree-ring: transition-wood, the lord of the ring?

Guillermina Dalla-Salda, María Elena Fernández, Anne-Sophie Sergent, Philippe Rozenberg, Eric Badel, Alejandro Martinez-Meier

Visualization of the stem water content of two genera with secondary phloem produced by successive cambia through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Elisabeth M. R. Robert, Nele Schmitz, Paul Copini, Edo Gerkema, Frank J. Vergeldt, Carel W. Windt, Hans Beeckman, Nico Koedam, Henk Van As